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Silent Auction

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Between 25 to 30 friends of Special Needs Advocacy Partners attended a lovely event graciously  hosted by Dr’s Ana and Mislav de Corbavia at Gastrovino on the Kings Road, Chelsea, London on March 6th. The delicious food, wine and conversation flowed. All the items at the silent auction sold and Dr Lynne Montgomery gave a short introduction to the work of SNAP and thanked the many sponsors. We were lucky to have Charlie Coyle with us. An inspiring young man; who although blind, lives and works independently. He has agreed to work with us on our overall vision of inclusion. We receieved art works from Dusko Sybl, Maggie Gilbert and the late Mladen Veza. Jewellry from Sarah and Katrina, personal friends of Lynne  and a spa package from Uglicka at USPAAH, a luxury online home spa service. We also receieved cheques from those who couldn’t attend. Mrs Georgina Germain, Anthony and Philippa Monckton and William and Diana Wrisdale. Other friends expressed interest to donate thtough the site once it is up this month.

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